Monday, July 2, 2007

'Future Cup' extends Sachin's ODI future

The men in blue came back strongly after the World Cup fiasco to beat Bangladesh earlier and more recently to beat South Africans in the just concluded 'Future Cup' in Belfast, Ireland. The encounter with the Proteans have been heartening in more than one way; First thing, Indians have played really well outside the sub-continent against a strong team and most importantly, Sachin Tendulkar has resorted back to match-winning knocks and attacking innings.

Not only did he become the first cricketer in the world to cross 15,000 ODI runs but was also generous enough to share his man-of-the-series award with Yuvraj Singh. When critics and cricketing fraternity alike wrote off Sachin, he proved that he is still among the best.

This is a case of another Tendulkar blitzkrieg and more motivation to write to Sportingo. This time around, the publishers have trimmed and edited my original writing and am personally not happy because it has changed the flavor and context a bit.

-------> Sachin's article in Sportingo

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Anonymous said...

The guy's too old. He's got to quit to make room for youngster who will suck anyways! Indian cricket's going down the drain.

- Friend of the warrior