Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The joys of growing a home garden

The early morning dew on the leaves, the new baby shoots, the spring blossoms and the onset of fresh produce all make an inviting call at the dawn of every new day. In the age of urban living and high rises, a great way to enjoy natural greenery is to nurture a home garden. The spacious patios in the swanky apartments provide that much needed open space.

With a bit of planning and insight, each inch of the space can be well utilized to provide a mini canopy of greenery. Not only does it offer upbeat aesthetic appeal, but also provides a lung space in our own dwelling. An unique eco-diversity of sorts is established with daily visits from insects and birds. A creative combination of flowering plants, fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits form an interesting mix. Just make sure that the plants are well pampered like humans and pets.

Our one bedroom apartment in sunny San Diego has a decent sized patio and houses a diverse variety of plants like red rose, dwarf lime, mint, tomato, curry leaves, cilantro, cactus and some shrubs.

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Good one bhadri. Uday