Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A trip to America's Oldest Italian restaurant

If your taste buds long for authentic and traditional Northern Italian fare in a classy setting, Ristorante Fior d' Italia offers that and lot more. Established in 1886, Fior d' Italia holds the distinction of being the oldest Italian restaurant in the US. It is housed within the historic San Remo hotel in the North Beach district of San Francisco.

Fior d' Italia provides a old world hospitality in its trattoria and well-stocked bar near the entrance, a large main dining hall around the corner and its many banquet rooms. While waiting for food, a roving look at the walls will reveal lot of interesting historical information.

Frequented by prominent personalities and tourists alike, Fior d' Italia takes pride in dishing out fresh pasta dishes and sauces; that are mostly made in-house. Many people consider their Caesar salad to be best in that part of the world. The chefs have made sure that their extensive menu creations satisfy the gastronomical needs of varied clientele. So, a trip to San Francisco is not complete without the culinary experiences of a 121 year old Italian tradition.


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