Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bagful in a book - Kid's delight

Having enjoyed reading 'Highlights' as a kid, a recent visit to the community library ended up with 3 recent issues following me back home. Well, 'Highlights' is a children's magazine in circulation since 1946 that has managed to sustain enough interest from children and adults alike. This magazine has a particular charm about it, that is hard to explain in words. The unique styling of the cover page not only makes it alive and speaks out its inner contents, but also draws instant attention.

The magazine is packed with informational facts on science, nature, arts, culture and what not; all presented in a very simple, children-friendly manner. Even the adults are intrigued by the nitty-gritty facts and are educated like a small child. 'Highlights' also features certain regulars in every issue that happen to be the most popular among its vivid readers.

For the young Sherlock Holmes, there is 'Find the Pictures' which gets them started on some spying as well as remembering things. 'Hidden pictures' is a Highlights classic in which a number of everyday objects are blended really well within a picture that speaks more than a 1000 words. The idea is to locate the objects, with the option of stealing a glance at the clues on how these would look like. There is a 'Thinking' section' with a historical twist that provides a sort of mock situation and challenges the young brains to come up with reasoning.

Other regulars like 'The Timbertoes', 'Brain Play' and 'What's Wrong?' provide some fun as well as activities to work on. 'Highlights' also encourages youngsters to display talent by asking them to submit their stories, poems and jokes among many other features. With lot of colors and variety in each page, no wonder that 'Highlights' is said to provide fun with a purpose. For subscription details in the US ----> Highlights for Children Magazine

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