Thursday, July 19, 2007

So much to do

Spare time in a fast-paced urban lifestyle is really hard to come. Yet, the most common complaint is lack of interest and boredom. Boredom can be easily conquered with a little bit of planning. While watching the latest blockbusters or daily soaps on a big screen TV is a favorite past-time activity for many, there are lot more avenues to explore.
  1. Learning music and creating a new tune soothes the soul.
  2. Cooking is a great way to de-stress and explore the exciting world of culinary arts.
  3. Photography provides a whole new insight to nature and a different perspective to shapes and colors.
  4. Gardening helps in more than few ways; While the plants gift us with natural bounty, they cleanse the air and maintain Eco-balance.
  5. Playing a traditional board game with a loved one is a nice way to bond and relax.
  6. Chasing a rare phenomena and putting a good research on it gives great thrills.
  7. Picking a new jogging spot everyday, lets you explore and exert at the same time.
  8. Visiting a prayer hall and engaging in peaceful meditation boosts energy levels.
  9. Books are the best friends for loneliness.
  10. Jotting out thoughts on a piece of paper lets your steam out and generates new ideas.
  11. Participating in a community activity promotes social networking and welfare.
  12. Re-arranging the present home setup gives a fresh new decor and mood.
  13. Organizing an event gives us new responsibilities and knowledge.
  14. Lego toys lets out the childish innovator in you with glee.
With so many such options, boredom really shouldn't find a place in our lives.

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