Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sivaji... and more Sivaji in San Diego

Like other centers around the world, San Diego doesn't seem to get bored of Sivaji. It is a known fact that Sivaji pulsated San Diego with 2 rocking shows in the opening week. Suprisingly the reality is, San Diego is a very dormant market when it comes to Tamil movies. Only the elite films even make the cut and most movies can hardly sustain a single show. Just a handful of Tamil movies over the last 9 years have even crossed more than 1 screening. The last tamil film that had 2 screenings was Vetaiyadu Vilayadu.

In the inimitable thalaivar style though, Sivaji's path was altogether different (In Tamil you could put this as 'Sivaji vazhi thani vazhi'). Sivaji not only rocked as a film, it also rocked the box office. The infectious phenomenon called Sivaji woke the San Diegan Tamil public, who flocked to the cinema halls in large numbers to greet their thalaivar.

With the recently concluded final screening of Sivaji, it had already walked its way into the record books with a number of firsts to its credit. Sivaji was the first Tamil movie to be premiered in San Diego on the day of world-wide premiere. Due to continuous demand, Sivaji was screened as many as 5 times in a reasonably bigger cinema hall, which is another first. This was also the first time that most number of people made repeated appearances for the different shows.

For statistical interests, here is a listing of the different shows
  1. Premiere show (June 14th) 7:30 pm (Ultra Star - Del Mar) (200+ capacity).
  2. June 17th @ 7:30 pm (Edwards - Mira Mesa) (270+ capacity).
  3. June 17th @ 10:30 pm (Edwards - Mira Mesa) (270+ capacity).
  4. June 18th @ 7:30 pm (Edwards - Mira Mesa) (270+ capacity).
  5. June 25th @ 7:30 pm (Ultra Star - Del Mar) (200+ capacity).
Just when we think that Sivaji fever is about to fade, the boss returns back next week and this time to enthrall the telugu audience.

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