Monday, June 11, 2007

'The Feast' at Lakeside Estate

The quiet lanes of Edgemoore at the Big Bear Lake in California got transformed into a culinary paradise on a gorgeous Saturday evening. The huge Lakeside Estate situated on the banks of the lake's Metcalf bay with million-dollar lake views and boasting an array of modern facilities in an old-world charm setting hosted an enthusiastic crowd of 16 San Diegans on a weekend retreat.

On a day packed with sporting and other fun activities (including a gruelling session of sand volleyball and a boat trip on the lake), the tired group longed for a perfect dinner. A talented make-shift head chef for the evening accompanied by 3 others decided to treat their friends with a culinary trip to Italy. For the next 1 hour, the huge well-stocked kitchen was filled with clanking of vessels and aroma of herbs and sauces.

The 4 cooks slowly started dishing out rather exciting Italian fare with a Californian twist. The menu of the evening rightfully termed as 'The Feast' consisted of an interesting mix of Antipasti, Insalate and Pasta dishes. The delicious spread immediately triggered the senses and brought the whole gathering to the dinner table in a jiffy.

The Feast

1) Focaccia bread topped with a spread of pesto, mascarpone cheese and garlic and baked to perfection.

2) Salad of the day - Iceberg lettuce mix dressed with Italian vinaigrette and hand-tossed with black olives, garlic croutons and shaved parmesan cheese.

3) Baked Penne pasta with a zesty Arrabiata sauce, Mozarella cheese and Sun-dried tomatoes.

4) Baked Penne pasta with Marinara sauce, Mozarella cheese and Sun-dried tomatoes.

5) Capelline Pomodoro topped with cut black olives, fresh basil and garlic.

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Harish said...

After seeing the dishes my mouth started watering ... :)