Monday, August 6, 2007

A village by the bay

San Diego with its 365 days of sunshine, an ocean to die for and a resort-type ambiance provides the perfect setting for a waterfront paradise. One such spot is Seaport Village conveniently located in downtown San Diego, by the bay. Flanked by San Diego Convention center and a number of resort-type hotels, Seaport Village offers 14 acres of themed waterfront shopping, dining, galleries and entertainment.

Opening its doors to the general public in 1980, Seaport Village has been one of the premier tourist destinations in San Diego ever since. Sun, fun and water can be found in abundance here. Over 50 shops dotting the lush landscape attract the curious visitors with its various trinkets, unique gifts, collectibles, souvenirs, clothes and beach-themed items. Kites, wind Chimes, hats and figurines feature among the most sought-after list. Waterfront fine-dining restaurants and a number of fast-food styled eateries ensure that you'd never leave the place hungry. Finger foods like chilly cheese fries, nachos and cheese, popcorn, ice cream and cotton candy seem to be the largely popular picks.

Visitors craving for entertainment have plenty to look forward to, in Seaport Village. Kids have their field time in the large carousel that was hand-carved in 1895 and featuring 54 animals. A number of children-friendly activities like brush-art, face-painting, caricatures and balloon art keep them busy. Parents and children alike are thrilled by the live music and magic performances. Couples in love are often spotted in a horse-drawn carriage. With all this and more, a visit to San Diego doesn't go complete without a visit to Seaport Village.

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