Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The advent of quality cinema

It was refreshing to watch a truly mesmerizing movie over the weekend in San Diego at the Edwards Cinemas. While 'Swades' touched us all with a soulful story and 'Rang De Basanti' lifted our spirits with a powerful theme, 'Chak De India' has chartered an all together new territory by breaking all conventional rules of Indian movie making.

In a land of colorful movies laded with family sentiments and romance, it is a bold attempt by the film maker to showcase a theme that does not provide scope for such formula. The film makers also have to lauded for venturing into women's hockey when newspapers, magazines and TV channels in India are all dominated with cricketing action. But the end result is the production of one of the finest movies in recent times.

Chak De India is not a movie just for entertainment, but offers lot of essential lessons for everyday life. The importance of team work, camaraderie, confidence, motivation, self-belief and spirits are all bundled in a intriguing package that does have its own comic moments. The performances are first rate and Shahrukh Khan excels in probably the best role of his career. The music is strictly situational and gels well with the proceedings. This is a definite add to any quality movie collection and is a must-watch at the big screen.

'Chak De India' songs at iTunes ----> Marianne D'Cruz, Salim Merchant & Sukhvinder Singh - Chak De! India - Chak de India


John said...

I loved the movie. And nice review Bhadri!

Weekend Warrior said...

Thanks John for the comments

Wiplove said...

I second your opinion about this movie. Atlast a movie where Shahrukh actually acted and was not annoying!!