Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sweets with an international flavor

A trip to New York city in 2004 and a recent trip to Hollywood had a commonality between them. Both trips ended with a sweet encounter of delicious cream puffs from Beard Papa's sweet store. Popular baker Yuji Hirota, lovingly called as Beard Papa because of his characteristic white beard started his first store in Osaka (Japan). Since then, Beard Papa has spread its roots to other countries like Hong Kong, China, Korea, Taiwan, Australia and US.

Each Beard Papa cream puff creation is a pure work of art. Comprised of a two-layered patented shell (Outer pie crust and an inner choux pastry shell) and a whipped cream custard filling, cream puffs are baked fresh everyday. Cream puffs are stuffed with a custard made in a number of delicious flavors like vanilla, chocolate, green tea, strawberry and pumpkin. The cream puffs do not contain any preservatives and so they are meant for immediate consumption.

Beard Papa's also serve other sweets like Mochi Ice Cream, Cheesecake, Fondant Au Chocolate, Mango Ice shower and Boba drinks. So next time you are in New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, Connecticut or in California, make sure you have a pit stop at one of the Beard Papa's sweet shops.

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Good one bhadri,

Been there in NY.. Its too good.