Thursday, May 17, 2007

When Sachin Tendulkar made me an author

My wife and I had been to Trinidad to watch the World cup cricket matches. We were lucky to get a glimpse of some of our favourite players up close. While we relished the interactions with most of the players in the Indian team, Sachin was always missing. We did not want to return back to US without getting to meet him atleast once.

We chased the team to their practice grounds and found him in the training sessions at a suburb Port-of-Spain nets and were instantly impressed by Sachin's simple and soft-natured persona. Already being a die-hard Sachin fan, this encounter further motivated me to write a letter to Sachin. I found a nice sports portal 'Sportingo' and they were happy to publish my thoughts.

My letter to Sachin Tendulkar


Kruthika said...

hi bhadri,

first comment on your blog :D

i read your letter to sachi...i agree that he is gr8 and all but i dont believe in second chances...he is representing the country and only the best from the country shud get the opportunity....keeping him may mean that we are spoiling the chances of another deserving individual....its all about survival of the fittest...i think he was the hero till now but he needs to move on and let the youngsters take over :)

of course, calling him selfish and all is konjam too much...we need to give him due credit for what he has done so far...

Ravi said...

Really I am pleased with your initiation and interest to dispel the
criticism on Tendulkar . No doubt Tendulkar is a living legend in the game of Cricket. Either the one day matches or the test matches, Tendulkar has the reputation to show the class of professionalism and his commitment.I also had displeasure with India's dismal show in the world cup matches.So in annoyance we might have provoked the comments on any player especially on Tendulkar. It is the irony of the game. He could not fulfill the dreams and prayers of patriotic Indians.But the behaviour of the Indians either in the playground or in passing the comments after the crucial defeat. The criticism in cell phones, newspapers, cartoons and in Tea shops are quite disheartening.In this juncture the real picture on Tendulkar is the solace and ointment to the wounded hearts.Apart from Cricket if India either loses or wins, the appreciation and the coverage are not adequate sponsorship is not quite enough to boost up the standard of the game as well as the players. I fully support your support on Tendulkar. We Indians expect more from him in the coming games. Tendulkar's consecutive centuries against Bangladesh is a litmus test to prove the ability of the master batsman.

Sriram said...


I read your letter to sachin. It was really good. Sachin has proved that he is a master by cracking back to back centuries against bangladesh.

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vinod said...

vinod said....

To Kruthika,
no offence..but u've the answer in ur comment...its all abt survival of the me one player in the INDIAN team who has a better average than sachin for the last one year...he has the highest,u can chk the stat if u he deserves his spot in the team.. :)..than ny other batsman in the team..

Tejas said...

Sachin Rocks always