Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Flora and Fauna of the Asa Wright Nature Center

Asa Wright nature center in Trinidad is the oldest nature center in the West Indies. It is a premier ecological destination and is located 1200 feet above sea level on the Northern mountain ranges. It is also a research and conservation center. The innumerable species of birds, flowers, amphibians, reptiles and butterflies attracts hundreds of tourists every year; in particular from UK.

The observation deck in the center is the most popular hangout spot where nature lovers can relax in a cozy setup offering them sprawling views of the rain forests. It is also a perfect spot for watching colorful birds and reptiles. A small food center serves tasty sandwiches and refreshing drinks.

The center offers a number of guided hikes in the rain forest; the most notable being the night hike to see the world's most accessible colony of oil birds. These hikes provide a means to experience the unique bio-diversity in the area and a way to see how the different species of plants, birds and animals co-exist.

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