Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Red rocks and the holy connection

Sedona in Northern Arizona is not just famous for its amazing red-rock formations; its even more popular for its Vortexes as they call in Sedona. These Vortexes are spots of high energy and are found in abundance in the red-rock town. The doses of high energy emanating from the several Vortexes, combined with breathtaking scenery, the sounds of oak creek and year-round mild climates sort of create a natural healing effect. It's no wonder that Sedona's residents are highly spiritual and religious. Most of the shops are filled with aroma of incense sticks, sounds of cosmic music and stocked with new-age religious material. Psychic readings, aural pictures, and healing massages are quite a common ritual. Visitors are intrigued by the mysticism in the air.

In a region that is teeming with such high energy levels and spirituality, its also natural to find several centers of worship. Two of the most enchanting ones are the 'Chapel of the Holy Cross' and 'Kunzang Palyul Chöling'. Chapel of the Holy Cross is an impressive architecture perched on the red rocks and among more red rocks. A small drive up the hill on the Chapel Road leads to this stunning building in a very serene setting. The panoramic views from the hill and the naturally-lit church rejuvenates the body and the soul while inducing a powerful sense of holy presence. There is also a small gift shop attached to the church that sells religious items.

The Stupas of Kunzang Palyul Chöling in Sedona is in a secluded residential area of Sedona; providing a perfect spot for meditation and prayer. Access to the actual Stupas are through a gate and a small hike up the hill. Tara Stupa is about 6-foot tall and was the first one to be built in Sedona. This is also the first stupa the visitors would come across in their walk. The second Stupa is a towering 36-foot one and is called the Amitabha Stupa. A Buddha statue on top of a small hill near Amitabha Stupa radiates a sense of calmness. These Stupas, rightly located in Sedona harmonize the energy of the environment similar to its famous Vortexes.


Gauri Gharpure said...

Bhadri, your travel posts are simply marvelous! how do u manage to travel so much and dig up such interesting places? grt post.

Weekend Warrior said...

Thanks a lot Gauri. Yeah it's really nice to travel to nice places and discover some interesting facts :)

Setu said...

hmm.. i feel like going to this place..
it's sad tha i cant right now :(
nice post though.. i wish i can go someday..

Sameera said...

If just reading about it can soothe the mind so,I wonder what would happen on visiting it? :)

Weekend Warrior said...

Thanks Setu and Sameera.

Coconut Chutney said...

Wow, that's all that's coming out, WOW.
You're probly the only person who manages to find stupas in Arizona!
Now I know what to do if i go there.

VIJAY said...

Hi. You posts are simply stunning! I've added you as my pal. Hope you reciprocate.

Weekend Warrior said...

Thanks Coconut Chutney and Vijay for your comments. Vijay, I'll add you in the links.